Most Frequently Asked Questions about our products, hallmarking and guarantees

Q: What is the base metal of our Jewellery?

A: We use Silver as our base metal for all our jewellery.


Q: What is 925 Sterling Silver?

A: 925 Silver is the purity of silver used in the jewellery. Silver being a soft metal needs to be mixed with other metals like copper, brass to increase its strength and hardness.


Q: Are the Gemstones used natural?

A: We try to make most of our jewellery in natural gemstones but some of our stuff is also made in synthetic stones and CZ.


Q: How to check the authenticity of the products?

A: All of our products are marked and stamped with S925 or 925 Stamp.


Q: Can these Natural Gemstone Jewellery be used for astrological purposes also?

A: No, none of our products are skin touching so cant be used for astrological purposes.


Q: How to order our products?

A: We currently accept only UPI payments, so please mention correct details including phone no. and email ID for timely delivery of your order.

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